We continually look out for new creative and sustainable materials. We then find unique ways to highlight them. We develop new collections each season shaped in line with our values: handmade, responsible, sustainable and natural.

We are a socially responsible company dedicated to the principles of fair trade and equal opportunity. We work with family-run businesses, cooperatives, and those that treat their workers fairly and with respect. We maintain personal relationships with our partners, communicating and visiting to ensure our standards. We are humbled to enjoy partnerships with craftspeople in Vietnam, Thailand, India, Bolivia, Indonesia, and Tunisia, where living standards can be challenging. We are proud to provide a space for these craftspeople to bring their work to new audiences.

Our products are designed in-house by our dedicated team in California. We would love to enhance your home and bring a unique personality to your interior.

We offer a wide range of custom programs and can tailor our products to your exact specifications. We also offer product development and design consultation services.

All of our items are handcrafted, which means no two products look exactly the same. Each one is distinctive, unique, and exclusive.

Thank you for your trust.