Terms and Conditions

General delivery and Sales conditions

  1. Following sales and delivery conditions are valid in Belgium as well as abroad regardless any other conditions. Deviation is only possible in case of explicit written agreement by the supplier.
  2. All prices are net prices excluding VAT and ex works, unless explicit written agreement by the supplier.
  3. The receiving of the order confirmation is binding for the customer. After receipt of the proforma invoice and without any further notice this purchase becomes automatically firm and accepted after 5 days. Cancelling by the customer must be done by registered letter and is only valid after acceptance by the supplier. It engages the buyer to pay 30% of the amount of the invoice for the treatment and processing costs generated.
  4. Mentioned delivery delays are only indicative. Late deliveries never give the buyer the right to rescind the agreement or to invoke a claim. Be Home Europe SA retains the privilege to make partial deliveries.
  5. Complaints as to delivered goods and invoiced prices, must be signaled to the seller in writing within 72 hours of receipt of goods or invoice. Once this term has expired, goods as well as prices, are being considered as accepted by the buyer. No complaint may give cause to non-payment of an invoice. When goods contain real defects, they will be replaced according availability in stock or they will be refunded. The seller’s mediation is limited to refunding or replacement.
  6. All invoices require cash payment, unless explicit written agreement by the supplier. In the event of overdue payment, the amount of the invoice will be rightfully raised without previous default, with 1% per month, and a fixed indemnification amount of 15% of the invoice amount will be charged with a minimum of 100€.
  7. The seller remains owner of the delivered goods, until the buyer has complied with all his obligations. Loss or damage are at buyer’s risk from the moment the goods are shipped.
  8. All collecting-charges are for account of the buyer.
  9. In case the buyer is not complying with his obligations, the seller is entailed to compulsory execution of the agreement or to rescind the existing contract between both parties. Parties agree on settlement of the damage for cancellation or compulsory execution of the agreement, to the fixed 30% of the order amount.
  10. Only Belgian legislation applies to our sale and deliveries. At disagreement or dispute for whatever reason, only the Courts of the Brussels District are competent.