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Our mango wood is collected exclusively from managed plantations. As the mango wood trees age, they no longer bear fruits... Read more

Our marble is formed of recrystallised carbonite minerals, with each piece showing unique striations or veins in a variety of colours.... Read more

Our teak wood is sustainably harvested in forests managed responsibly by local authorities. Teak is an especially durable and wonderful wood.... Read more

Our stoneware is hand finished by third-generation women artisans in Vietnam. We are delighted to participate... Read more


We’ve been designing beautiful, ethically sourced, handcrafted home goods from around the world for over 17 years. New collections are developed each season in line with our values: handmade, responsible, and sustainable.Every Be Home product is handcrafted in small batches, making it truly one-of-a-kind. Each of our products was crafted by the hands of a talented crafstperson before finding itself in yours. Be Home is a socially responsible company dedicated to the principles of fair trade and equal opportunity. It is a privilege to engage in partnerships with craftspeople from small communities around the world. We encourage them to keep their traditional practices and to find a use for every scrap of sustainable material.Our collections are thoughtfully designed in-house by our dedicated team in California and in Brussels. We also offer a wide variety of custom partnership opportunities with the ability to tailor our products to your exact specifications. Like the incredible artisans we work with, we understand that every business starts with a dream. Whatever that dream may look like for you, we at Be Home are honored to play a part in making it a reality.

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Be Home story begins in 2005 when Jonathan Hankar left Belgium and went to California to work for a home decor company. A year later, he is surprised to only find machine-made home interior products. Jonathan decided to found Be Home with the goal of offering unique, handmade and sustainable products.After more than 15 years of continued growth and success in North America, Be Home is launched in Europe in January 2019 with Gregory Hankar at its helm. Introducing the brand in Europe has been their long-time goal and they are delighted with this collaboration between brothers.Be Home is the culmination of two main influences. Our maternal grandmother shared with us her love of flea markets & knowledge of antiques. She was a magnificent example of perseverance and positivism. Our paternal grandfather – a great entrepreneur – always encouraged us to “dare to start something new”. By being very young confronted with other cultures and other realities, we have learned, through him, to be open-minded. They both will remain a wonderful source of inspiration.Be Home is extremely proud to present its collections in Europe. Our European office and warehouse are located near Brussels where we both grew up. The circle is completed!



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